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Reporting bugs on the go in 3 steps - Steop 1

Find a bug, activate a bug-reporting system with one gesture - Steop 2

Annotate your screenshot, fill in a bug report form - Steop 3

Submit the bug report with automatic system info. That's it!

Bug Reporting

Let the developers see the failure with their own eyes by highlighting issue on screenshots

In-App Feedback

You and beta users can provide valuable feedback and suggest new features or improvements

Third Party Integrations

Report issues, bugs and crashes to Bitbucket, GitHub or JIRA, integration with other services will be available soon

Fast & Easy

Every report will take less than 15 seconds, simply take screenshot, describe in few words and send it

Insightful Analytics

Get all the necessary info regarding device and app so that developers can identify problem precisely

Voice Notes

Save time and energy by adding voice notes with exact description of what you want to report

Time Saving

Thanks to you can report issues very quickly end effectively


Save 10% time


Save 90% time

Product Designer

Save 75% time



Save 30% time

Project Manager

Save 60% time

Mobile Developer

Save 10% time

“Loving, it’s a very flexible great project! Easy-to-use testing environment makes everyone a QA expert. Now in VYDA we report bugs with screenshots and annotations in just few taps. Highly recommend.”


Agnes Barath

QA Specialist at VYDA